Laundry Clothes Pin/Peg Basket

Laundry Clothes Pin/Peg Basket

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Laundry Clothes Pin/Peg Basket

Posted Date: December 29, 2006
Outdoor free draining peg/pin bag. The superb accompaniment for any clothesline, clothes hoist and clothes rack for easy access to the clothes pegs or pins. A sturdy, lightweight and decorative storage device for today's household's laundry needs. Simply mould the opening of the bag to the desired size, place your pegs in and hang on the line for the next use. Features UV, rot, mould, weather and tear resistant cloth Free draining Designed for most free standing and fold down clotheslines or use over any single strand of line, rope or wire Wire is PVC coated to prevent weather effects Capacity - approx 250 - 275 medium size pegs Decorative motif Unobtrusive to the garden Extend the life of your pegs


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